Get to know more about when 

"Madness" met "Media"

Mia Williams 
CEO of Mad Method Media 
How did this start?: "Since a young age, I've had a bug for business. I used to try to make my younger sisters famous and would get them in little bands, write youtube skits and film it (maybe someday I will link our old Webkinz videos). We would even do makeovers complete with hair and outfits to do photoshoots around our neighborhood. I had a private detective service when I was around 10 years old, which the neighbor lady paid me to spy on her son and his girlfriend. I had put together a four-wheeler show, created flyers on index cards, and created a logo for my friend and I when I was still in elementary school. Anyway, I think inevitably I was going to keep this pattern going and it was just a matter of becoming an adult to put together something real. I've always loved being behind the scenes and getting great things in the spotlight, capturing people's attention. When I found out that I could have a career with something I always loved doing, I immediately got to work putting together my very own, real-life, grown-up company, so here we are! : ) " 
Short Term Goal: "I'm working on connecting more with local businesses and getting to know the community I've recently relocated to. I would also like to learn martial arts and get into better shape to accomplish some big hikes/climbs." 
Long Term Goal: "I hope to someday find enough success that I can give back to communities in a much larger way, such as helping solve the child homelessness crisis, work with at-risk teens/young adults that may never have had a chance, and be able to share stories of what's going on from all over our world."
Hobbies: "I love spending as much of my time outside as possible and with my cat, Tiger, whom I have had since I was five years old (yes he is getting pretty old). I love going for hikes, road trips, car camping in my Xterra, regular ol' tent camping, recreational sports, animal watching, and of course in the summer anything around a lake!"  


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