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Get to know more about when 

"Madness" met "Media"

Mia Williams 
CEO of Mad Method Media 
How did this start?:
"Since a young age, I've had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Third grade was when I put together my first venture, which was a secret spy service (where I even had neighbors paying me for). This continued to (what I now understand to be) marketing a public show for a friends ATV show. After getting my first DSLR camera in eighth grade, I started photography and creating Youtube videos. High school I began to write and use online programs to further my arts.  
Anyway, I think inevitably I was going to continue this pattern and it was just a matter of becoming an adult to put together something real.
I've always loved capturing attention from behind the scenes and getting ideas and people in to the spotlight. When I found out that I could have a career with something I always loved doing, I immediately got to work putting together my very own, real-life, grown-up company, so here we are!"


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