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Posting To Boost Instagram Following Made Easy

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Now that we've surpassed the rudimentary days of social media we've entered a realm where algorithms have been established to boost accounts with consistent engagements. Learn how to simplify your process in order to make posting a breeze.

What You Need To Know

Looking for the secret to simplifying the overwhelming process of daily posting, content creation, and banging your head against the wall trying to think of a perfect caption? You won't be avoiding all of the foot work but with an established method, schedule, and a few other tools you'll be able to take the sweat out of the equation.

Your first best friend is going to be building a portfolio of content over the course of a a few days (if even). Reserve a good chunk of time for you and your gear to go out and find the picture perfect moments. Pack a bag with a few wardrobe changes and try switching up your hair or lipstick to individualize each shot. Of course if you don't have long hair or wear makeup you can embellish with accessories and props. Try an umbrella, showcase your favorite hat, or capture yourself enjoying a hobby of yours.

A tip for you is to make sure you have enough shots for the amount of time you're looking to prep for. Decide how many posts you'd like to make a week, for how many weeks, and then check off what you have as your photoshoot progresses. For example, if I want to make three posts a week, for four weeks, then I will need to have 12 shots I absolutely love by the end of the session.

Once you have all your content you're going to want to edit them all at once. This saves you time in the future by making color synchronization easier, takes the pressure off of last minute editing, and allows you extra time to come up with a great caption. By using a secondary app, such as The Grid, can help you visualize what your feed will look like with your selected photos.

Utilize the planner you've left sitting at your desk with a planned out schedule of when you'll need to be creating more content and when to post. One of my favorite free tools is called When To Post, which allows you to see the times that you'll have the most engagement with a photo. After checking the perfect time, set an alarm on your phone a few minutes before to ensure it's ready.

When it comes to captions I like to keep a Notes page in my phone of ones I may randomly think of or song lyrics that have stuck out to me. Make sure to do your research on a few hashtags that go along with your photo to boost the posts reach to others.

Set up a dedicated time each day to engage with your followers, answer comments, and like other creators content. I like to check mine first thing in the morning to get it all out of the way to start a new day with a fresh slate. Your interactions with your engagements boost your account in the Instagram world. Make sure to leave unique and five plus word comments to ensure to get the recognition. Instagram has gotten smart to the cut and paste two-word three emoji comments accounts will mass comment to drive traffic to their page.

If you're a business and the thought of managing yet another avenue to connect to the world wide community still seems like too much to add to your plate then you may want to think about hiring someone to do it for you. For less than hiring an employee you can find individuals or groups that specialize in just this sort of thing. Take the extra stress off yourself and hand it over to someone who understands in depth how to get your page to the next level. These kinds of services are popping up in cities all over the US, while some may love sitting face to face with an individual others are just fine finding someone you work directly with online.


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