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Finding Your Inspiration

You've got your camera in one hand and a beautiful sunny day surrounding you. Now what do you do and how do you capture that perfect shot?

Where to Begin

Spend a little time looking through other popular Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook pages. What is it that stands out to you? What colors draw you in the most? What kind of shots make for an impactful message? Will your posts be more in your face or laid back?

All of this information is very important when creating the frame work for your own page. By sampling others designs you can pick out the aspects that you'll be incorporating into your own content. After you have an outline, ie. main color choices picked, maybe a pinpointed product or topic, then you're able to go and create images that align with those parameters.

With having an outline you're better able to collect the content you need to make an eye-catching aesthetic that's unique to you and your page. Shots and information that aligns will begin to stand out to you in every day life. The water fountain may catch your eye after you've been focused on a light pastel and clean color palette, or the pinball machine at the bar may draw you in because of the high contrast of dark metals and bright lights your page brings to life online.

When you've established what it is that you'll design your page around you can then move on to creating your own content. This means staging photos, directing short videos, or even creating reading material. Find props that you like, brainstorm on the kinds of backgrounds you'd love to have, and bring out the mood of the content, all bringing beautifully crafted media to your audience. Grab your friends or family to help you with shoots. Interview someone, showcase someones story. Re-create that candid moment you relish so much.

When you're out and about remember to take a look at your surroundings. Make notes of where you may want to come back and shoot. Personally, I take photos of interesting places that I want to remember the architecture I liked, a color palette, or even of others work that inspires my own twist on the subject.

A great way to keep your ideas organized is to use tools such as Google Sheets or Microsoft PowerPoint. Each page can be dedicated to one post and used as a vision board. Include colors, angles, accessories, or locations you may want to use. You can use this as a guide for when you're out creating to remember the specifics you wanted to incorporate.


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