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5 Snapchat Secrets to Step Your Game Up TODAY

With new updates seemingly everyday it may be difficult to stay on top of all the emerging features this app has to offer. While Snapchat continues to grow don't let yourself fall behind without all new ways to spice up your content. Continue reading to gain great tips to take your account to the next level!

1. An All New 2 in 1 App

Did you know that Shazam has teamed up with Snapchat to bring you a simplified version of two of your favorite apps? This makes filming a breeze when you're not worrying about switching apps in time to capture your playlists next most played song. Before learning this feature I would record the music, to then forget about it for a number of months, and eventually go back to search the lyrics.

2. Create Your Very Own Geofilter

Ever wished you could create your own geofilter for a party or event? Look no further - with this easy tutorial you can amaze your friends with your techy skills by creating your very own. Just visit, design your visuals in Adobe, and upload to a map selection made by you.

3. Get Rid Of Those Annoying Random Stories in the Discover Tab

Procrastination usually leads me to reading through some pretty uninteresting posts on the Snapchat Discover page. With that in mind, I STILL come across an overwhelming amount of posts that will never grab my attention. Simply by holding down the rectangular emblem of the story an option menu will pop up giving you the opportunity to block that specific kind of post from re-appearing to your feed.

4. Save Battery Life and Data w/ This Hidden Option

Nothing is worse that a dead phone battery. Unless we're talking about those texts from the phone company letting you know you've gone over your data limit... To save you some stress, take a look in the Snapchats 'Settings'. After, find the menu option titled 'Manage'. Finally select the 'Data Saver' button to enable this (phone) life saving option. And voila!

5. Creating an Interactive Poll

If you're indecisive over a new shirt or want to create a fun interactive story for your friends go check out the Breeze Poll app. In this app you'll be able to upload different images/gifs and present your following the option to select their pick. Snap a picture for the backdrop then upload straight to your story.


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